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Nothing But a...... OH NO!

It is 2 AM and I am in the midst of packing my suitcase for Spain. I leave at 11 AM.

As I pack my yarn of choice for my long voyage, choosing my patterns and yarn to take with me, I noticed a very very sad problem: my Nothing but a T-shirt will not have enough yarn. I looked at the balls I had (mostly a kitchen-type cotton) and I realized that 3 of 4 were the same (had a cardboard center which the yarn was wound around, and one of them had a different twist and ply. Yes, it was white, but a totally different brand of cotton. And with three balls of kitchen cotton, I'm not going to waste my time, since I know I'll run out. However, I do have some lovely wool/angora/nylon from a deconstructed (rather enormous) sweater. That might make a lovely fall t-shirt! I'll just have to take it with me and find out, now, won't I?

I'm still debating which projects I'm going to take with me, too. I don't want to take too many pairs of needles, nor too much yarn, since I don't know how much time there'll be for me to work on my projects at the summer camp.

Sock Pal Socks? Check!
Hourglass Sweater? Check!
Poster Boy Bag? Check!
Ravenclaw Scarf? Check!
Space for more yarn? Check! Check!

When I get back:
Nothing but a T-shirt in soft, lovely cream-colored wool/angora
Vintage Velvet (from Scarf Style)
Backyard Leaves (from Scarf Style)
More scarves of some sort!

Now y'all have a great summer, now, y'hear?


The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain!

Actually, it doesn't fall on the plain *we* live on, except in winter. In summer it's bloody hot! Well, my dad and I are off to Spain tomorrow morning, and I have a little knitting progress to show before I go, and hopefully a lot when I get back.

I knit the iPod sock for my sister's iPod, Bunny.
I need to knit one for myself, but I don't have enough Paton's Grace in that same color.
I have begun the Nothing but a T-shirt. I have completed the hem.
Hourglass sweater's yarn is coming with me on the trip so that I can finish it in Spain.
All Harry Potter scarves are on hold.
Sock pal sock #1 is halfway done!

Everyone have a safe summer! I'll post progress if I have internet access!


Oh, Ho! Ho! What's This?

(Oh Look)


What's so Sock-tacular about that?

After the Blogger fiasco with my template, I managed to fix it up just the way I wanted it, *and* I saved the source code to my computer, so if another catastrophe/erasure happens, I don't have to spend three hours fiddling to fix it.

When I joined Sockapal-2-za, I believed cashmere socks from a recycled sweater would be the perfect thing for my sock pal. They'd be luxurious, warm, and fabulous. But they'd wear thin within a day of normal sock usage. And although bed socks are a lovely idea, I want something summery, wearable, and beautiful for my sock pal.
So on my trip to Michael's two days ago, I picked up some Paton's Grace in this gorgeous white, blue and purple colorway.

In the Knitalong, I decided jump in the "seasoned sock knitter's" group, since there are 3 socks in my knitting history, and, why not? It'll be a fun challenge! (By the way, those three socks include my first completed pair and the single stripey sock which had to be frogged because it was way too small.) So as I searched for the perfect pattern with just the right blend of simplicity, fun, and beauty, I discovered this little gem: Roman Rib Stitch Toe-Up Socks. This is fun and exiting for three reasons:
1. I've never knit toe-up socks, but I've found that the toe looks much neater and prettier than the top-down pattern I used on my previous pair, knit from the December 2004 Martha Stewart Living pattern.
2. I've never done Roman Rib. It's interesting, pretty, and the texture showcases the variegated yarn very very well.
3. The Paton's Grace feels fabulous with the pattern.

As promised, here are some close-up pictures of the cross-stitching my sister and I did over the weekend. The teapot is mine, the sun is hers.

(Click here for Close-up)
The lemon tree is the gift for my mommy. If you click the link, there's a nice close-up of hte detail on the stitching.

I think I may finish the Ravenclaw Scarf tonight, and put my NBaT-shirt on the needles again, and get crackin' on it!

Have a great Day!


Another Obsession... With Chimpanzees!

Barenaked Ladies reference on that title, but truly and seriously, I have become totally engrossed in the world of cross-stitching. It's an addiction, and I just can't help it. I've completed three projects, and am very close to finishing a fourth, and then I have 3 just waiting for me to start. Oh the start-itis! It's like knitting quick, instant gratification projects like hats or scarves. And the result is so lovely. Not necessarily practical, since a cross-stitched tapestry is *not* as useful as a sweater by any means, but lovely nonetheless. I have been meaning to post pictures for the past few days, but haven't gotten around to bringing my camera out of hibernation for some shots in daylight. I shall, I shall.

Sweetest Teapot Suns and Swirls

Live Simply Life is a Journey
(Images from
I've decided to cross-stitch a picture from a kit that I found at Michael's. I've already made Sweetest Teapot, and exchanged it with my sister for Suns and Swirls, which she cross-stitched for the first time. I also bought the Live Simply and Life is a Journey to make over the weekend. Since Michael's is having a 25% discount on all Needlework kits, I figured that getting two from the regular price area as opposed to the clearance bin was a good idea. The Life is a Journey is about 70 percent complete, and it'll be a Father's day gift for my daddy, so he can hang it up in his office. The colors are masculine (I think) and it's probably more to his liking than a basket of buttercups or a rose or something. Plus, he can say "My daughter made that"(if and when) someone comments on it. I like making things for my Daddy.

The Live Simply is intended for a family friend who is virtually an aunt to my sister and me. She just had the same surgery my mom had, and I want to make something pretty for her to show my affection for her and to say "Get Well Soon," especially before I'm off to Spain for the summer. Above is Lemon Tree, a kit from the same company, Dimensions Crafts, but sadly it is discontinued. I found it in the clearance bin at Michael's a week ago, and for 7 bucks, I figured it would be a perfect "Welcome Home" gift for my Mommy. The kit came with a frame, the fabric, all the materials for cross-stitching and the decorative tacks. I just needed to glue/tack the fabric to the frame and provide some cardboard for support, and all is well. It looks very proffessional and pretty, if I do say so myself.

I'll post pictures of the projects *I* made, as opposed to the ones found on the web, for better detail and resolution than the images above. Hopefully I'll finish my Dad's project tomorrow, and then get to work on Live Simply before the craziness of packing and getting ready for Spain occurs. Or before my parents get home. Or both.

Have a great day!



Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.



Is this working?

EDIT: OY VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my template customizations died as I published tonight's post. I'll work on it tomorrow, but OUCH! To do all that again!

Tomorrow is going to be rough...

It's definitely past my bedtime, since nowadays I have to wake up at 6:30 so that I can take my brother to summer school, which starts at 7:45... but the drive to school is 20 minutes. Therefore, early bedtimes are necessary. As well as discipline. Neither of which I have tonight. Though today I accomplished more than half of my to-do list. Yet lack of discipline set in as I was cross-stitching the final touches on my lemon tree. I still have a wee bit to go, but it looks so lovely with the outlining. Outlining definitely brings a cross-stitch piece to life, I've found. I'll post a picture tomorrow, then, once it's finished. Then there's a little more to do to mount it on a frame and such, but I think it'll look lovely.

Knitwise, I got another stripe in on the Ravenclaw Scarf. Only two more blue bands to go, and one and a half silver stripes, and then all it'll be lacking is a bit of fringe.

I don't know what the knitting situation will be like this summer, since it turns out I will be going to Spain after all. I'll be doing the summer camp all of July, with spectacular pay, and my mom promised me some wondrous scouring of Madrid for yarn. Loads and loads of yarn. I told her a suitcase full would satisfy me. ;-)



Even iPods Need Sweaters!

Charlotte got herself a cozy! I searched online and found a pattern that was easy, quick, and had materials on-hand! I just cast on a few more stitches on needles a size bigger, and since I had some leftover Thick-N-Quick from a scarf I made in December, I was on my way. I cast on 11 stitches instead of 8, and used US10.5 needles. I found a button in Mommy's sewing basket, and there you have it!

Here's Charlotte, nice and warm in her cozy. Not that she needs it in the Brownsville summers, but it's quite useful for preventing scratches she might get in my bottomless purse.

My sweetheart sent me flowers yesterday! I was feeling miserable on Friday, so he decided to send me that gorgeous arrangement to perk up my day. Unfortunately, the flower shop didn't know where I lived, so they called me to ask directions. So the delivery wasn't a surprise, but it certainly made my day brighter.

In other Knitting News, I joined the NBaT along over at nonaKnits. Everyone's T's look gorgeous! I've started mine, but it's been on a little hiatus with the other two projects on the needles. I've got some US 7 circulars that I'll use to make it easier, and plus, tonight us girls are going to watch a movie, which will afford some lovely knitting time. It's The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. Old movies are so fun, and I'd love to see the famous swashbuckler himself in a classic role. I was able to borrow it for a few days from the public library, since they didn't have the first part of Pride and Prejudice available. I really want my grandma (who's visiting this week) to see it, and Colin Firth. (*drool*) Ahem.

I've also picked up a new hobby this week! (Oh no! Not another obsession!) Cross stitching is a glorious thing, and I can't believe I didn't pick it up before. I cross-stitched a very cute little dancing bear, and I'll post a picture of it soon. I gave it to Grandma, who inspired me to cross-stitch in the first place, and I'll post my work-in progress as well. It's a little lemon tree!

Well, off now to craft away the morning!


Charlotte, Meet World. World, Meet Charlotte.

My Escape pod turned out to be a precious little iPod. I named her Charlotte. She's kind of cute. :)

(Engraved on her back: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks)
She's just 700 songs shy of having my entire iTunes playlist on her. She's 20GB, but when I'm through with her, she'll have only about 6 or 7 left. Yes, I do have that many songs. 3246 to be precise. However, if you exclude audiobooks, it's only about 2900 or so. She's so pretty and shiny. She needs a sweater... a-la Wendyknits' Irving Sweater. Though her Irving is chubbier than my Charlotte, a cozy little knitted pouch will keep her warm, prevent her from getting scratched, and gives me an excuse to do some serious procrastinating on other yarn projects!
My sister Paloma got herself an Escape pod as well... hers is named Bunny. Charlotte will get some pretty little glamour shots tomorrow, when she's got the music in her!


Escape Pods for the Escapist In Me

My dad bought my sister and me a glorious little surprise that should arrive by 9:30 AM tomorrow, according to the FedEx website. It'll help me knit, as well as help me at the gym. But more on that tomorrow.

Today I decided to join some knitalongs, since I'll have oodles of time this summer (or so I'd like to believe) and hopefully I'll be able to finish the projects I've been meaning to begin.

First off is the Sockapalooza hosted by Blue Blog Alison, and I have not of yet received my sock pal assignment. If my pal isn't averse to it, I want to knit him/her some gorgeous red cashmere socks (from a deconstructed sweater). Though they might not be wearable everyday, they'll be soft and luxurious.

I also joined the Hourglass Sweater, HP Azcaban Scarf and Nothing but a T-shirt-alongs. More on those when I decide on the yarn and begin the projects!

Harry Potter Knits: A Special Post

As many of you know, I have a love of Harry Potter that is deep and indeed, almost unholy. It doesn't exceed my love for Lord of the Rings, because that love is sacred and beautiful, whereas my love of the HP universe is young, joyous, and perhaps a wee bit naughty. But boy oh boy do I love my Harry Potter. (Actually, the Weasley twins are my favorites, but Harry's not bad either.)

In celebration, a veritable bevy of HP knits are either finished or lined up. First off is this lovely, more-than-halfway-complete Ravenclaw Scarf in Caron's Simply Soft. Seriously, the colors and the softness as well as the price of this yarn can't be beat. And so easy!
Secondly, I'm deconstructing a large, square and highly unflattering cabled J.Crew sweater (although the cables on the sweater are quite striking and lovely). It's a gorgeous shade of forest green, and will make an absolutely splendid Harry Potter sweater. Now, to figure out if the initial on the front will be an "H" for Harry or an "A" for Annemarie.

After that, there is quite a lineup of more HP scarves. I need to make one for Steph, one for Dave, and another for myself before the movie's release in November. We're all going to cosplay for Laura's birthday, so the scarves need to be finished by that time. Following that, I want to make one of the "new" HP scarves for Ravenclaw. The colors are darker and richer, which is fabulous, and I'm thinking I may either use the same yarn or opt for a smaller gauge with Wool-ease. (Note: I checked it out, and Wool-Ease comes in a lovely Oxford grey and a sassy navy blue. ) Looks like I have another spectacular pattern to knit very soon!