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It all starts Tomorrow

Well folks, my 101 in 1001 "officially" starts tomorrow. It's kind of weird that I chose the first day of Lent to begin a project of self-improvement. I mean, Lent is a time of reflection and sacrifice (somewhat) and in some ways I'm not going to be sacrificing much, but in other ways I think I will be. So here we go, and I'm working on improving my religious/spiritual side. I've already fulfilled 2 of the items on my list pre-March 1, which I'll elaborate on later. But I've got to get myself in order in other respects to complete this project well. More on that soon.

Knitwise, I completed my iPod cozy with a cable, and am currently working on one for Steph. Hers is out of Peaches n Cream cotton in a beautiful sky blue. I used slightly smaller needles than called for in order to make a dense, protective fabric. I also have the most adorable buttons for it, but those are at home, fruit of a wool baby sweater that accidentally got felted.

I'm having some camera problems, which I'll work on, to hopefully get you guys some pictures in the near future.

Now I'm going to bed so I can wake up early and attend Mass, which has a whole lot to do with #32. :D