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My Beautiful Sister

Because a big sister must brag and show off her gloriously gorgeous and hot younger sister, I present you with a few pictures of my sister's dress and date from the Cotillion Ball this past weekend. Her date is an incredibly sweet (and cute) German exchange student named Meikhel. He's incredibly polite, a little shy, and apparently, a phenomenal dancer. Her dress was made by an incredibly nice, elegant, and beautiful Mexican seamstress with incredible talent and an eye for design. It's made from a traditional hand-embroidered Spanish shawl and green chiffon.

Now let me introduce my little sister. Not only is she a bombshell, she's also incredibly sweet, loving and funny. She's amazingly intelligent, determined as ever, and energetic to boot. She pressures me to watch new episodes of Yakitate Japan when I'm in town, she has her heart set on being a University of Texas Longhorn, and she wants to travel to Germany this summer to learn ze Deutsch. She loves Orlando Bloom, she loves animals, and the Sims. She is strong-willed, generous, and a phenomenally good person.

I love that girl, my Bulbie, my Gigi, my Palomita. I couldn't have dreamed of a better sister.