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Knitting Parade Part 2

Continuing the Knitting Parade:

The next project on the needles is the Saxon Braid Scarf. It has been completed since the taking of these pictures (read: 3-hour meeting to sit through) and just needs a bit of blocking to fix the fringe. However, it is deliciously soft, and the color is quite fun! (And quite a bit brighter than in the picture).

The pattern is quite easy once you get the hang of the cables, and even I, who have had only mild cabling experience in the Vintage Velvet scarf was able to figure it out. It looks really complex, and just requires a little bit of attention so that you don't mis-cross cables at any point. One thing you must do if you have Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein is to check the Vogue Knitting errata.

I made the scarf out of a recycled L.L. Bean sweater, a cotton/mohair/nylon blend. I hadn't quite gotten down the way to "unzip" the crocheted seams when I unravel, so there are a few little snipped strands here and there, as the twist is not very tight in this yarn.

Click Here for an alternate texture view.

Finally, the back part of Salina. I loved this sweater from the moment I saw it. Hopefully, it will turn out as beautifully as it did in the Rowan Vintage Style book. I'm using some of the marvellous blue alpaca I bought in Spain this summer. Hopefully there will be enough yarn for it, since I can't do much if I run out. It's very soft and holds texture very well. However, the back part needs a thorough blocking before I seam it. And seaming, I predict, will be just as much of an adventure as knitting it.

I knit most of this whilst watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and about 10 episodes of Yakitate Japan, an adorable bread-making anime.

The new semester is starting up, so please bear with me as I get adjusted to more classes and continue to unravel sweaters.

Speaking of which... I bought a GORGEOUSLY SOFT men's XL Banana Republic sweater. It's a deep, dark olive green, was purchased for $3.50, and was unravelled perfectly and without incident (read: one knot and no accidentally cut strands). It is now in 7 balls, waiting for the perfect pattern, probably Teva Durham's lace leaf pullover from Interweave. Though Demi from Rowan Vintage Style has struck my fancy as well.

Sigh. I love thinking of the possibilities of cheap, high-quality recycled yarn!