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I am (I am) I am Superman, and I know what's happening...

A good REM song to the unfamiliar. But seriously, I think I may be overestimating my abilities for today and over Christmas break. Let's start with today, shall we?

Today I must:

1. Get several hours of studying in for my final exam tomorrow morning
2. Go to a review session for said final exam
3. Pack up all my stuff since I leave for home tomorrow
4. Defrost my fridge (dorm policy)
5. Do my laundry (I need a dryer to felt Vintage Velvet, and the one at home is broken)
6. Watch American Dad and Family Guy new episodes

Today I have:

1. Listened to 2 podcasts and countless songs
2. Made a mess of my desk with all my papers
3. Decided I *must* cast on for Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style, or the Natalya Gauntlets... but I'm trying to hold off on actually doing it
4. Realized my roommate isn't going to come back to get rid of her food in the fridge
5. Thought about going to the Library
6. Realized when I go to the library, I will inevitably spend a few hours updating Linux on my laptop
7. Spent over an hour updating my blog template and writing this post.

And over Christmas, my ambitions are even more extensive, and even more self-gratifying:

I will knit.
I will read.
I will watch several seasons of TV I have become addicted to.
I will go to DisneyWorld.
I will bake many, many desserts.
I will drink tea.
I will sew.
I will go to the movies.
I will enjoy every minute of it.

If I were to go into specifics, I think I'd be overestimating my abilities. But then again, I always overestimate time and energy when I go home. It's all good.