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A good day gone sour

Overall, today was a good day. I got a pretty good grade on a history exam, so if I do well on the final, I've got an A in the class. I got a really good grade on a response paper I had to write over Thanksgiving break, and I got very constructive and positive feedback on a major research paper for one of my other classes. To top it off, my dad took me out to dinner at a WONDERFUL place my dear friend Laura recommended. We also went to the yarn store and the book store. And I left empty-handed at neither one. *grin*

However, I had a falling out with a friend of mine on my birthday (long story, and one that makes my blood curdle). And looking today on facebook, it turns out he removed me as a friend. I was holding out hope (despite the advice of everyone I know who's heard the story) that he'd come around and we'd be friends again, but apparently, this is the blow that makes it well-nigh impossible to recuperate the friendship. Very sad. 3 years of friendship, fun, and a hope to sew a Star Trek costume for him has just been flushed down the potty. Much as it breaks my heart to be on such terms with a person I once considered my best friend, I am too angry and too hurt and too insulted by his actions to feel differently. Unless he apologizes profusely to me for his actions, which not only hurt my feelings, but signalled a very callous and insensitive attitude I had hoped never to know, I am no longer his friend.

But I think today's good events hopefully at least balance the painful ones.

Coming soon.... KNITTING!!!!!