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Cables, How I love thee!

Tonight I finished the third of four Harry Potter scarves that I needed to finish before the premiere (except the fringe on this one, but that's coming). That means everyone has an HP scarf, except me. And let me tell you, the miles upon miles of stockinette, and each stripe (which takes an hour) is incredibly, incredibly boring. So boring in fact that knitting has not given me almost any real satisfaction in weeks. So boring that I wondered if I would someday toss aside the needles out of sheer boredom (God forbid!) Looking for a cure, I went to Barnes & Noble with my friend Irvine, after a delicious Thai dinner, and I checked out the Saxon Braid scarf from Knitting on the Edge. Wow! That'll be the cure for the stockinette blues, as well as a way to practice gorgeous new techniques.

(Scarf by the Crazy Coffee Knitters, I just wanted to show the pattern. Isn't it GORGEOUS?)

I pulled some splendid mohair cotton yarn in a vibrant turquoise from my stash, grabbed me some size 8 needles, and cast on.

So It has begun. I'm only 9 rows into the third repeat as I type this, but I hope I can finish at least one repeat by tonight. The cables every other row make the pattern really interesting, and it's so gratifying to see the twists of the cables appear right after I knit a row. I may not have an HP scarf by this coming Friday, but by Jove, I'll have a Saxon Braid Scarf on the needles to keep my love of knitting strong!

I promise good pictures in daylight tomorrow!