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Needle Fiend

It feels like Christmas here! Why? I just received a lovely set of vintage needles all the way from Australia! There are so many, they put my current needle collection to utter shame. (Though the variance of sizes is not as wide as my current collection).

To the left is a picture of my "before collection." I have a pair of needles in almost every size from size US 4 to US 15, and a few double pairs. My DPNS don't show that well, but they're there!

Next, the lovely package that was waiting for me in the mail--
There are so many of them, and they're virtually all aluminum. Much as bamboo holds a special place close to my heart, I simply can't beat the speed of aluminum. And here are some lovely Aero's and Queen Bee needles among others. I can't wait till I get my replacement set of bamboo needles from England soon! Whee! I won't feel so bad about lending out a set of neeles or two, when I have so many now to replace any that get lost. And finally, all together, the beautiful, the lovely, the complete needle collection, displayed in their respective free drinking cups from various Austin businesses.

(Click here for an open shot of the needle case)

Hooray for mail days that make it feel like Christmas!