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Home Again

I went home this past weekend, and had a pretty good time. I cut my hair (yes, shorter than it was, which is pretty short) and dyed it. I had initially planned to go blonde, but that ended up being the color of my cat. Yes. My hair was orange. So after that little mishap I went back to brown. I like it.

My haircut now looks like this:
I'm not 100 percent pleased with it, but I like that I have the option of bangs... something I haven't had for years. I will let my hair grow from now on, so maybe a talented and knowledgeable stylist somewhere can tell me what looks good for my face. Also, I think it's only fitting that they have more hair than I have right now to work with.

I finished some projects this weekend too! Clapotis got her ends woven in. No pictures, sorry, though my sister might send me some with her pretty new digicam. And speaking of her digicam... I got a commission from her to create a cute little iPod-like sweater for it. I've realized that wool has amazing scratching ability, so cotton it is. I just need to find some good and pretty cotton for a thick case. Rowan Calmer, anyone?

Among other finished objects is the Panta from Craftster. I liked the pattern, it was very easy and quick, though it needs a serious blocking. I used some of the leftover merino from my sister's Clapotis, and it turned out quite well. I might make another in green.

The pinaccle of excitement this weekend was when I got my Sock Pal socks! All I can say is WOW! My sock pal is truly amazing. She's wonderful, talented, and spectacular. The socks are soft, warm, and fit like a dream. The color is absolutely divine, the pattern beautiful, and her packaging splendid!I will post pictures when the light's better, but I am very much in love with them. Thank you Sock pal! And thank you Alison for the knitalong.

Last but not least, I cast on for Glampyre's Minisweater. Holding two strands of laceweight Misti Alpaca with Cascade 220 yields a deliciously soft and beautifully variegated fabric.
I don't have very much in the way of pink in my wardrobe, though I quite love dusty roses and baby pinks. This will coordinate nicely both with jeans and jean skirts, as well as with a few cute skirts I own with hints of pink in them. I can't wait to make another minisweater out of the most delicious yarns available: Cashsoft, Habu silk, and Misti Alpaca, all in glowy shades of mint and celery green. Mmmm. Oy that's going to break the bank!

Now I will stop procrastinating and finish writing a paper due tomorrow. I get to watch The Little Mermaid in class! How cool is that!?