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Blue Deja-vu

About 6 months ago, I completed my first Clapotis and loved it. I made it out of Caron's Simply Soft in black, and have loved wearing it, both as a neck scarf and as a head wrap. When I brought mine home, my sister decided she wanted one for herself. So when we went a-yarn-shoppin' in Spain this summer, she picked out a lovely blue merino.

And last night, I cast on for that lovely french-wave scarf. I seriously doubt I'll have it ready for next weekend when I go home, and we celebrate her birthday (which was yesterday), but at least she'll see her present in progress.
The merino superwash is from Lanas Stop, and for 1.50 Euro a ball, I couldn't resist getting this for her Clapotis, and then an *ahem* other 20 balls for a pretty cardigan. I have seven in the light blue, and hopefully I'll have enough for a full Clappy, and perhaps a little left over for a small project or something.

I'm using size 6 needles instead of 8's. For some reason, I thought the pattern called for 7's. I guess that's becauseI used US 7's for my other Clapotis. I've just reached the straight section, and am *really* excited about getting to drop those stitches.

Is it so wrong to long for such excitement?