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-Begin Politics-

Barack Obama is the reason I might actually vote democratic for my very first election. Read about why here.

I don't do politics for the most part. However, especially since the last election (which I was unable to vote in by *2* measly weeks), things get quite heated, especially between my immediate family's more conservative stance and my extended family's quite liberal stance. For my part, I think our president isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Not evil, though. I consider myself liberal on things like women's suffrage and women in the workforce, rights for the poor and the right to life. For every human being. However, I think there is a definite right and wrong, and I think the moral relativism present in our country is wrong. Again, my opinion.

And though I could delve into why Hurricane Katrina should not be politicized (since it's not like Bush prayed to God for the hurricane or anything), I will only say this: New Orleans is to blacks what Brownsville, Texas (my hometown) is to Mexicans. An ENORMOUS majority of the population is such. So to say that the disaster and relief efforts are plagued by racism is just crazy. Many people were able to evacuate the city in their private cars. And since the majority of the city is black, by logic we can deduce that many of the people who got out are black. And those who remained probably didn't have the means. And since the majority of the city is black, those who remained, we can deduce, were overwhelmingly black. That's like saying it's racism against movie stars when an earthquake hits California. With regards to Katrina, I do agree that (as Obama ♥ says) the poor were treated unfairly in terms of relief efforts.

That's about as political as I will get. Feel free to disagree with me on my politics. However, please do not hate mail me or flame me for my opinions. If you hate Bush, next election you may vote Democratic. It's your choice what your political convictions are. Don't hate me for mine.

-End Politics-