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Startled by the Presence of a Finished Object

Well, it's 5 o' clock on a Saturday...the regular crowd shuffles in... *ahem* Sorry, the Billy Joel reference just slipped out. The date and time are true. What is also true is that I've been awake for eight hours, and I haven't done any of the reading I have to do for my classes next week. Another truth is that Monday is a holiday, but still I feel lazy. All I've been doing is finishing Wyvern Sock #1. And it's startling. Why? Because there's a beautiful, comfortable little sock lying next to me, without any form of knitting needle in it. That means it's a finished object. However, neither I nor my sock pal have one foot. This means there needs to be a second sock to make this a pair. Must...prevent...onset...of....Second....Sock....Syndrome...!

Not that that's a bad thing. I got lots of it completed last night whilst chillaxing with some buddies from high school. I just happened to finish the pattern repeats and cuff and bind off for most of this afternoon. It looks very pretty, and I hope my sock pal likes it. It's quite a fun pattern, and I would definitely do it again. It did, however, take 3 times to get the heel right. In fact, I think it looks and fits better now with fewer short rows.

Since I'm in the mood to finish things, I figure I might as well perform the finishing touches on my cotton candy scarf and my Hourglass sweater. All they need are a few ends woven in and a couple hems to be sewn.
(click on the sweater for a rather blurry photo of me modeling it)
After that, a good blocking for the sweater is in order. Unfortunately, i don't have pins, so I'll probably just have to lay it out on a sheet and let it dry.

Now, to watch the football game from my dorm window! Hook 'Em Horns!