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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


And now, your regularly scheduled program

I'm back in Austin once again, my roommate and I both settled into our room. We've shifted the room arrangement around a bit from last year, and our room is on a completely different side of the building than last year. We get to see the UT football field from our room! No need to even attend a football game, since we'll see touchdowns from our window! Heh. Well, I met up with my friend Laura today, we sat around for a few hours at Chipotle, knitting. I finished the actual knitting on the Hourglass sweater, while she started her third Irish Hiking Scarf. It's sort of become her "trademark" item.

I have actually begun hemming the Hourglass sweater, and did the kitchener stitch on the underarms. Now I know why people dislike it so much... it's so complicated to remember all the steps (Purlwise, pass needle through second loop, then off the needle. Knitwise, pass needle through first loop of first needle, but leave loop on. AAACK!) But it's nearly done, so that's what counts. Once the hemming is finished, I'll block the life outta her. She looks so pretty!

Before classes begin the day after tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can pay a visit to the LYS and pick up some Koigu. I'm intrigued by this Canadian wonder, and would love to have a pair of socks knit up in something this fabulous. I also want some Blue Sky Cotton to make a pretty cabled scarf for these cool nights before fall and winter bring jacket temperatures.

Well, I'm off for some free chicken wings (some of which I'll bring home in tupperware), since I haven't eaten all that much today. That's my goal for this year: no eating in the dorms, because the Freshman fifteen were very very real last year. I can't afford even the Sophomore seven. Huzzah!