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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


A stalled project is like a stalled car

Well, for the record, I have two stalled projects due to mistakes that I've had to rip back. The projects in question are the Hourglass sweater (which I haven't gotten around to fixing, since the possibility of missing one of the 400 stitches I need to pick up again is quite high) and the Wyvern Sock. I knit one repeat too many for the foot, and, after finishing the heel, I realized that it was waay too big for my sock-pal's foot. So now to remake the heel.

Let me explain why I don't like meddling and frogging projects: I don't like unraveling because I think to myself, "I spent an hour and a half knitting that section, and now it's gone to waste!" (Which isn't true, since the mistake, if left, will taunt and haunt me till the end of my days and I will rue the day I was too lazy to pick up each and every one of the 400 stitches). But, as always, I remind myself that it's the process.

But a quick and easy garter stitch scarf to boost my spirits made out of this glorious cotton candy yarn won't hurt, either.