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Happy Independence Day from España

Here I am, in Spain, at the English-language summer camp. Everything is quite fabulous, despite a little chaos when I began. The organization of activities is a little poor, but now that it´s the fourth day, everthing is going a little more smoothly. I have a great group of kids to work with, old enough to be fun, and young enough to respect my authority. I have a feeling the next 22 days will go well, and hopefully there won´t be too much chaos, or too many sick children.

Salamanca is a gorgeous city, the architecture and style of it is phenomenal, and it has a lot of life. There are so many students from all over the world... it´s truly a sophisticated, international city. Anyone who comes to Spain should visit!!!! :)

Knitwise, I´ve begun the Hourglass Sweater, which I work on in my free time. I´m fast approaching the decreases, but I think I may knit a few more rows before beginning them, since I don´t want a short sweater. Knitting isn´t too big a hobby in Spain, but many of the counselors are intrigued by it, and don´t look at me weird because of it. Who knows, mabye a few of them will pick it up this month...