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Another Obsession... With Chimpanzees!

Barenaked Ladies reference on that title, but truly and seriously, I have become totally engrossed in the world of cross-stitching. It's an addiction, and I just can't help it. I've completed three projects, and am very close to finishing a fourth, and then I have 3 just waiting for me to start. Oh the start-itis! It's like knitting quick, instant gratification projects like hats or scarves. And the result is so lovely. Not necessarily practical, since a cross-stitched tapestry is *not* as useful as a sweater by any means, but lovely nonetheless. I have been meaning to post pictures for the past few days, but haven't gotten around to bringing my camera out of hibernation for some shots in daylight. I shall, I shall.

Sweetest Teapot Suns and Swirls

Live Simply Life is a Journey
(Images from
I've decided to cross-stitch a picture from a kit that I found at Michael's. I've already made Sweetest Teapot, and exchanged it with my sister for Suns and Swirls, which she cross-stitched for the first time. I also bought the Live Simply and Life is a Journey to make over the weekend. Since Michael's is having a 25% discount on all Needlework kits, I figured that getting two from the regular price area as opposed to the clearance bin was a good idea. The Life is a Journey is about 70 percent complete, and it'll be a Father's day gift for my daddy, so he can hang it up in his office. The colors are masculine (I think) and it's probably more to his liking than a basket of buttercups or a rose or something. Plus, he can say "My daughter made that"(if and when) someone comments on it. I like making things for my Daddy.

The Live Simply is intended for a family friend who is virtually an aunt to my sister and me. She just had the same surgery my mom had, and I want to make something pretty for her to show my affection for her and to say "Get Well Soon," especially before I'm off to Spain for the summer. Above is Lemon Tree, a kit from the same company, Dimensions Crafts, but sadly it is discontinued. I found it in the clearance bin at Michael's a week ago, and for 7 bucks, I figured it would be a perfect "Welcome Home" gift for my Mommy. The kit came with a frame, the fabric, all the materials for cross-stitching and the decorative tacks. I just needed to glue/tack the fabric to the frame and provide some cardboard for support, and all is well. It looks very proffessional and pretty, if I do say so myself.

I'll post pictures of the projects *I* made, as opposed to the ones found on the web, for better detail and resolution than the images above. Hopefully I'll finish my Dad's project tomorrow, and then get to work on Live Simply before the craziness of packing and getting ready for Spain occurs. Or before my parents get home. Or both.

Have a great day!