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Charlotte, Meet World. World, Meet Charlotte.

My Escape pod turned out to be a precious little iPod. I named her Charlotte. She's kind of cute. :)

(Engraved on her back: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks)
She's just 700 songs shy of having my entire iTunes playlist on her. She's 20GB, but when I'm through with her, she'll have only about 6 or 7 left. Yes, I do have that many songs. 3246 to be precise. However, if you exclude audiobooks, it's only about 2900 or so. She's so pretty and shiny. She needs a sweater... a-la Wendyknits' Irving Sweater. Though her Irving is chubbier than my Charlotte, a cozy little knitted pouch will keep her warm, prevent her from getting scratched, and gives me an excuse to do some serious procrastinating on other yarn projects!
My sister Paloma got herself an Escape pod as well... hers is named Bunny. Charlotte will get some pretty little glamour shots tomorrow, when she's got the music in her!