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Escape Pods for the Escapist In Me

My dad bought my sister and me a glorious little surprise that should arrive by 9:30 AM tomorrow, according to the FedEx website. It'll help me knit, as well as help me at the gym. But more on that tomorrow.

Today I decided to join some knitalongs, since I'll have oodles of time this summer (or so I'd like to believe) and hopefully I'll be able to finish the projects I've been meaning to begin.

First off is the Sockapalooza hosted by Blue Blog Alison, and I have not of yet received my sock pal assignment. If my pal isn't averse to it, I want to knit him/her some gorgeous red cashmere socks (from a deconstructed sweater). Though they might not be wearable everyday, they'll be soft and luxurious.

I also joined the Hourglass Sweater, HP Azcaban Scarf and Nothing but a T-shirt-alongs. More on those when I decide on the yarn and begin the projects!