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Harry Potter Knits: A Special Post

As many of you know, I have a love of Harry Potter that is deep and indeed, almost unholy. It doesn't exceed my love for Lord of the Rings, because that love is sacred and beautiful, whereas my love of the HP universe is young, joyous, and perhaps a wee bit naughty. But boy oh boy do I love my Harry Potter. (Actually, the Weasley twins are my favorites, but Harry's not bad either.)

In celebration, a veritable bevy of HP knits are either finished or lined up. First off is this lovely, more-than-halfway-complete Ravenclaw Scarf in Caron's Simply Soft. Seriously, the colors and the softness as well as the price of this yarn can't be beat. And so easy!
Secondly, I'm deconstructing a large, square and highly unflattering cabled J.Crew sweater (although the cables on the sweater are quite striking and lovely). It's a gorgeous shade of forest green, and will make an absolutely splendid Harry Potter sweater. Now, to figure out if the initial on the front will be an "H" for Harry or an "A" for Annemarie.

After that, there is quite a lineup of more HP scarves. I need to make one for Steph, one for Dave, and another for myself before the movie's release in November. We're all going to cosplay for Laura's birthday, so the scarves need to be finished by that time. Following that, I want to make one of the "new" HP scarves for Ravenclaw. The colors are darker and richer, which is fabulous, and I'm thinking I may either use the same yarn or opt for a smaller gauge with Wool-ease. (Note: I checked it out, and Wool-Ease comes in a lovely Oxford grey and a sassy navy blue. ) Looks like I have another spectacular pattern to knit very soon!