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Spring Break

Yes, folks. I'm on break, and have been since the glorious date of March 11th. However, it soon will be over :( But I'll be back in Austin, which is some consolation. Much as I love my family, getting woken up at 9 (I can sleep till noon) because I "changed" something on the computer is not high on my list of loves. However, something that IS high on my list of loves is going to a secondhand clothing store in downtown Brownsville and finding lots and lots of YARN. Nevermind that most of it is cotton and a bit is acrylic. It's YARN. Yes, there is wool... 3 gorgeous hanks of Paternayan yarn... two blue and one cream colored, plus a half-used skein of some variegated Red-Heart worsted (100% virgin wool, folks) and a rather large skein of a worsted white/grey twisted yarn. It's pretty, and has to be a blend, since it did not melt, feels like cotton, but shrunk away from the flames. I am so excited that I have YARN for very very cheap. Six dollars for a grocery bag full. And by full I mean I couldn't cram another ball into that bag if my life depended on it. So yes, very exciting times.

In knitting news, I have not progressed very far on the SimplySoft black Clapotis... I'm about 4 repeats into the straight section, but I know it'll take me awhile to progress much further, considering each repeat takes me approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. But I have taken it upon myself to knit a little beret in hunter green Wool-Ease. It's going to be cute n' sassy! Pictures when I return to Austin and get my digicam into my paws for a FO fiesta!