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It certainly has been awhile since the last post, hasn't it? Well, I must say that I do have FO's to show for my absence! In the bevy of finished objects that now litter my dorm room (actually, more like "invade my dorm room") there are many new and fantastic things. Behold:

(another view) (click to see it in progress)
My very first pair of socks. Now, I realize that I have much to learn in the realm of sock-making. We won't discuss how a choice of a) smaller needles and b) checking of gauge would have made these socks smaller, snugger and less cramped in the toe region. The last part is due mainly to my unwillingness to rip back a few inches so that when the toe decreases began, I wouldn't be in a panic over the foot being too big for me. That wouldn't have happened with thinner yarn and thinner needles. Oh well. Now I know. For reference, the yarn was Moda Dea's "Sassy Stripes" on US size 3 needles.

The second finished object is a pair of legwarmers. They are from Knitty. I followed the pattern for the large legwarmers, but I shortened them a bit (this was to accomodate my large calves). In the end, I thought about wearing them, then once I noticed they made it look like I skinned a yeti and wrapped it around my legs, I thought better of it and bequeathed them upon my sister, who has gorgeous legs and who made them look oh-so-stylish. Then again, anything she wears looks fabulous, so I always have a recipient for my too-small knittin's. :-)

(a view for the color)
Next up is the Booga Bag. Here is a view of it in the blocking phase. This was such a fun knit. The bag is absolutely precious and virtually zero stress. Unfortunately, all the items I carry in my purse are too heavy for it on a daily basis, but it's a great choice for carrying just my keys, cell phone, and a bit of money. I highly reccomend it. Oh, I followed the pattern to the "t."

Here follows the Silk Garden Beanie. I desperately needed a hat for the chilly weather, but didn't want to buy one. The pattern put out by "And She Knits Too" seemed perfect, and although I didn't have any Silk Garden on hand, I decided to use the yarn from one of my deconstructed sweaters. It worked just fine, and the pattern was quick and easy, but the hat just doesn't really suit my taste. First of all, it's too short to cover my ears (which is one of the things that should stay warm) and my color choice makes it look like my head is wearing an oversized condom. In response, I knit the beautiful and charming

Elsie by Rowan. In Cork. YUMMY! The yarn is soft, spongy, and perfect. I love the hat. It fits wonderfully, is too dark to be mistaken for a condom, is warm, and looks good on me. I admit, it must be positioned just-so for it to look right, but once it is, I love love love it.

Well, about a week ago, I joined a lace knitting class put forth via the University of Texas Informal Class system (it started yesterday). Last Monday I went to the LYS to pick up the necessary materials, and augmented my stash in this fashion:
. That's where I picked up Cork and the latest Vogue Knitting. Yes, that is Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. However, it must go back to the LYS, for it is useless to me. See, we were required to get some laceweight or fingering weight yarn, so I picked out the only laceweight I saw. Yesterday, my teacher said "That yarn's too fuzzy for what we're going to do." Oh well, I'll get store credit and use the credit for the yarn I need to make the Vintage Scarf from Scarf Style. I have some leftover cotton that I can use for class, anyways.

On Tuesday, I decided to use the ribbon and angora yarn I picked up to make a lovely drop-stitch scarf. There was a kit at the LYS, but it was $40 !!! For half that price, I was able to get this little puff and pair it with some Berroco Zen to create this beauty:
. It's so soft, I can't even believe it. Click here for a close up of the stitches. What I did was knit the Drop Stitch Scarf from Stitch and Bitch Nation until I ran out of yarn, but instead of doing single yarn overs as called for in the pattern, I made double yarn overs for more drape and less yarn. It's a short little thing, but it tucks nicely into my jacket, keeping my neck toasty warm. Finally, my friend Laura's Slytherin Scarf
(pattern here). I have two more to make after I finish that one, but I'm not in a big hurry. It's pretty much mindless knitting, to take to the movies or to while away several hours. I'm about halfway done on that one, but it's certainly going to be soft and warm. It's 100% acrylic from Caron's Simply Soft, but I changed the pattern adding two more rows of each color to make the bands a bit taller. It's pretty cool.

Now, the WIP that everyone and their mother is making: Clapotis (view 2). I have indeed joined the bandwagon, and I totally understand the obsession with this scarf. It's so FUN! Just when you begin to notice the monotony of the repeats, wham! you switch to the straight section and then Shazam! dropping stitches like nobody's business. I'm using a neat little cotton/wool/mohair/synthetic blend that I got from deconstructing a hideous L.L. Bean sweater I picked up at the vintage store. The color is lovely, although initially the turquoise irked me a little. Now I love it. Not an ounce of scratchiness, despite the (relatively) tight gauge of US 7's (I don't own 8's). If you haven't already, Knit it! It's not hard, just a few new techniques you can find instructions and videos for online. Once you get it, though, it makes the knitting insanely fun! One two three, everybody CLAPOTIS!

Have a great week everyone!