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Happy New Year!

That's right folks, Happy New Year! And to celebrate the wondrousness of the year that is 2005, I have undertaken several new projects/challenges to make myself a better (or craftier/cleaner/less procrastinatory) person. Drumroll please...

Project/Challenge #1: I am learning how to sew clothing. I know how to sew small things, like mending holes, making tote bags, and maybe hemming a thing or two, but as of today, I learned how to make the pattern for a basic skirt, in my own measurements! I'm learning from a fabulous lady who is a MASTER seamstress, I tell you. She made my sister's Cotillion dress and it looks genuinely haute couture, or at the very least that it was bought in an upscale boutique. And this woman is teaching humble little me how to sew! It's really fantastic. Tomorrow is the day I cut the fabric for my very first skirt. I'm going to use an old curtain for the practice run, so that if I screw up on anything, it's a curtain that suffers and not $10.00/yard fabric that does.

Project/Challenge #2: I have sent in my application (email explaining my desire) to be in the Hello Kitty KnitAlong. Hopefully I'll know soon if I've been accepted. I am going to teach myself intarsia for this, my first knit-along ever. They have patterns for a handbag, a hat, legwarmers, a sweater, and mittens. I'm not quite that adventurous, so I'm probably going to try the first three projects and see how that goes. It looks so cute, though, that I may give in and request more patterns... Readers, please stay my hand! My second semester of College is about to start! I don't need any more big distractions!

Project/Challenge #3: I am endeavoring to complete a monthly checklist of things that must be done by the end of each month, including but not limited to: a completed knitted item, a non-academically-required book under my belt, a certain number of pounds lost, and between 29 and 31 blog posts per month. These are my goals as of today, and although New Year's Resolutions were cast four whole days ago, I'm not going to wait 361 more before I resolve to become a person I will be proud to be.

I do need to learn how to place items in the sidebar, especially if I make the Hello Kitty Knit-Along.

May you all have a magnificent year!
I promised pictures, and I shall deliver them once they leave the digital realm within my camera and are unleashed into the world of my computer. A promise is a promise, and I intend to keep mine. :)