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Done Done Done! (Till her daddy takes the needles away!)

Actually, I'm done with classes/finals/school till January, and I'm going to be knitting my little yarn-obsessed heart out throughout Christmas break. Happy Happy Joy Joy! I convinced my dad to let me stop by the wonderful world of LYS and purchase several things:

1. Brown Sheep Co. Lamb's Pride for a scarf for my darling sister.
2. Regia Self-Jaquard (I know it's not called that exactly) sock yarn so I can attempt my first pair of socks
3. Needles with which to do said socks
4. Yarn for Legwarmers :)
5. Yarn for a beanie for my brother (It'll be black, because he thinks black is the best color ever)

I may have to go on a Yarn Diet now!
Ok, and since I love lists, I'll make a list of the projects I plan this Christmas:

1. Ribby Scarf (for moi)
2. Ribby Scarf (for sis)
3. Beanie for Bro
4. Marsan Watchcap for moi
5. Booga Bag for moi
6. Tweed scarf for moi
7. Jaquard Socks for moi
8. Socks for sis
9. Black Acrylic shawl for moi (easy care, stylish, etc)
10. Ravenclaw Scarf for moi
11. 2 Ravenclaw scarves for Jen and Angela
12. 2 Slytherin scarves for Laura and Steph
13. Possible other scarves or another Watchcap
14. Legwarmers for moi (I may frog a sweater my aunt knit [which doesn't fit] and make 'em with that... it would save money)

Boy! Am I going to be busy or what?