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Finished Objects

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My stash as of now. You can see my two crochet hooks, my pretty Lamb's Pride Wool, the remains of the Lion Brand Homespun, and you can see a lavender-scented soap I bought in Ireland this summer tucked in there as well. It keeps the knits smelling pretty and fresh and not like the plastic of the container.

The beginning of the Zeeby Bag. Side one, made out of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Bad thing about cotton is that it sucks up all the moisture in your hands, so I have to constantly slather on lotion, then wipe my hands so that the residue doesn't get on the knitting.

Here is the pretty bag I made out of some of my mommy's beautiful fabric, using the pattern for the Stitch N' Bitch bag in the first book. I was very meticulous, I even lined it with scraps from an old curtain, I added some lace, and hand-sewed it before I machine sewed it, to secure it. I'm so proud of my work, b/c it looks so prettyful!

Progress and my stuff. First is the knitting progress on the Zeeby bag, my lovely knitting tote, the two other skeins of Lion Cotton in Sage, and a skein of Paton's Grace cotton in Ginger. It'll be for the pocket and embellishments. It was darned expensive, too. Soft as anything, though. I don't expect to pay 5 dollars for 90 yards of soft cotton. I'm sure it'll be enough, though.

The candy stripe scarf. It is nice and long, about 60 inches, made out of Lion Brand homespun. I have yet to sew it into a tube and weave in the ends, but once I'm done with the bag above, I'll do all the sewing I have to do at once.

Current progress on side 2 of the Zeeby Bag. The first pictures were taken on Sunday evening, when I had time, and although I've been knitting in the meantime, I haven't done much in the way of posting. As you can see, I'm about to run out of yarn for the second side, but that's where skein 2 comes into play. After that it'll be gusset and strap time. Then to sew it into something absolutely gorgeous. However, much as I want to finish it tonight, I have to study for my two final exams tomorrow.

I really want to just relax and knit. However, to reward myself and to ensure that I have enough projects to keep me entertained this Christmas, I'm going to Hill Country Weavers on either Monday or Tuesday (which are no-class dead days before final exams) and stock up. For that I'm going to need a list of materials (including needles and yarn I'll need to buy) and money. I've already decided to use all my birthday money from my grandmother on yarn. I'm thinking an angora scarf. :) Yummy!