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Candy Stripe Scarf Is Finished!

Crummy title, I know. However, it is true. I finished it last night, 1/2 an hour into my birthday. Since I didn't bring my yarn needle and extra yarn, I can't sew in the ends or sew up the scarf. And also, since I don't have the right knitting needles, I can't begin my Marsan Watchcap. I may be able to begin the Ribby Scarf and the Zeeby bag (Sorry, no links, but they're in Stitch and Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook) here in Brownsville, and then work on them on the way up to Austin. However, I'm switching cotton yarn for the Brown Sheep Co. one reccomended, I got smaller needles, and more yarn. I hope I have enough. I also want to sew a knitting bag as well. I may just have to go to Michael's and Wal-Mart and increase my stash a wee bit. One good thing about Harlingen Michael's: They have Paton's yarn, which although it's acrylic/mohair, they have blends, unlike red-heart which is entirely entirely squeaky acrylic. Maybe there's a yarn store I don't know about here in the Valley. I hope so. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I promise pictures when I get back to Austin!