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Zeeby in the Bag! (har har har)

Zeeby's bag is officially finished. Nevermind that I procrastinated like hell on my English paper. And nevermind that I couldn't concentrate on studying for Geology AT ALL because I had that damn bag on my mind. I finally finished all the little pieces, including the pocket out of different yarn, and when I sewed the gusset, I realized I made it something on the order of 8 inches too short. That really pissed me off, because I was hoping not to have to open up the third skein of cotton and get back 5 dollars (which could be used for other, prettier yarn). Nope. Had to use yarn to fill up those 8 inches of gusset, because I sure as hell wasn't going to rip the front and back, and I needed the straps thicker than called for anyway. So it's 1 AM when I realize this, and I pick up stitches and add on the inches. I sew again. Dammit! It's about 2.5 inches too short... again. So I pick up stitches on the other side and finally make it right. I now know to measure very very accurately and swatch like crazy before undertaking a helluva project like that. It's not that it was complicated, it's just that there were tons of pieces that needed to fit together just right. After sewing it all together, it actually looks pretty good. I mean, it definitely needs blocking, but it's alright. It could also do with a little embroidery with some of that Paton's Grace. So Carol (my roommate) and I stay up till 2:30 AM talking while I finish the damn bag. And today, I spent something on the order of 4 hours finishing my paper before going to see my professor for critique. She thinks my paper needs a few very minor corrections, and I should be fine! YAY!

To celebrate the fact that I don't need to study any more tonight, I cast on the "Ribbed for Her Pleasure" scarf from Stitch 'n Bitch. Once I realized that ribbing isn't complicated if you pass the yarn between the needles when switching from knit to purl, I have an inch of pretty, chunky, Aztec Turquoise wool/mohair goodness! Hopefully I can finish it tonight or latest tomorrow, and therefore can study on Geology. Once I have a project going, I can't stop. That's what Zeeby taught me. Fear me during the holidays, for I shall be fierce Knitting woman! Maybe that's what I can do after college... be a knitting superhero! Riiiight! My parents'll really go for that one. But once I discovered this place, I may not do anything academic after all. I could very well open a shop! Whee!

Pictures coming soon!