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Considering as how I forgot to say some stuff...

In the realm of knitting, and in the five days since I last posted, several things have transpired.
First, I went to Hill Country Weavers to buy yarn last Friday. I wound up spending 100 dollars on yarn! And 4 sets of needles, but I needed those. What I got:

3 skeins of Noro Kureyon in color # 147 for a Booga Bag
2 hanks of Garn Studio Silke-Tweed (from norway) one in a white-grey color (19) and a chartreuse hank (love love love the color) in color 14 for a stripey scarf or hat perhaps
4 skeins of Plymouth Encore DK for a Ravenclaw Scarf
2 each in color 130 (grey/oyster) and color 2946 (royal blue)
1 hank of Cascade 220 in a luscious cream color (8010)
US size 7- 16" circulars
US size 4- 16" circulars
US size 10 DPN
US size 6 DPN
All INOX brand

I'll post pictures later on, when I have time. Of all the yarn, the Garn Studio Silke-Tweed was the most expensive at $9.25 (and even then, it was on sale) per hank... but I couldn't resist the color and the possibility of knitting or crocheting a lovely airy scarf of some sort.