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Merry Christmas Eve!

To all those who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve! As tomorrow morning draws ever-nearer, the pressure to finish gifts is on! Now that I know that the Ramirez family and us are not going to be exchanging gifts within the next three days, the pressure to finish Anna and Gaby's scarves has waned significantly. Now I can take a leisurely pace on Gaby's scarf, now that Anna is finishe.d. However, I promised my mom I'd stop knitting as much after Christmas was over. Like that's gonna happen, but I guess I need to mingle in other activities other than knitting so she doesn't feel like I'm getting obsessed. She even told me this morning that she thought I was obsessed. I don't mind being obsessed. In fact, it's very gratifying to be part of a movement that allows me to let loose my craftiness. I love making things, always have, always will. And this particular movement has kept me sane and enjoying life more than any other craft-project/obsession in the past. There's so much variety in knitting! Well, here are some pictures of my latest finished objects.

1. Knitted flower for my mom. I'm going to take a little "saftety-pin" thing made especially for brooches and sew it on, so she can wear it on her lapel. I used Paton's Grace in Ginger on size 3 DPNs. Not what the pattern called for, I know, but it works. I also learned several new techniques in that flower, such as k2tog, p2tog, double yo and making four stitches out of one!

2. Anna's Scarf. It's the drop-stitch scarf from SnB Nation. I used Caron's yarn, (can't remember what type) in a variegated blue theme. Reminds me of the ocean.

3. My sister's Ribbed-For-Her-Pleasure scarf. I figured out how to bind off in ribbing, so the edges are even and pretty. This should keep her nice and warm when she goes to Washington DC in January for Presidential Classroom. I used Brown Sheep Co's Lamb's Pride in a lovely gold color (I'm too lazy to look for the label).

Works in Progress:

1. Gaby's Scarf. I'm using Red Heart in a pastel variegated colorway. It's also drop-stitch, but I'm using 11's instead of 10's (which I used for Anna's scarf) .

2. The Booga Bag. It's been pushed to the side because holiday knitting got into motion. I had just added the second skein of Kureyon, and am on row 30 or so. Another 30 to go.

Alright. Now, Christmas Dinner calls me, for I must plan, purchase, and execute recipes for the yummy yummy dinner tomorrow. Merry Christmas to All!