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Feeling Accomplished Makes One Tired, Too

Today certainly was interesting. I woke up around 10 this morning and began working on the enormously complicated project my mom wanted me to complete as her Christmas present: all our home videos put on DVD. To do this, she got me this lovely little thing:
Look at that! It's pretty, it does lovely things, and I get to use it all Winter Break (and maybe in Austin, though I don't know for what yet). I did some organization of clips this morning, added effects, put in background music and titles, and my mom absolutely loved it. I'm glad, because with something like 5 hours spent editing about 6 minutes of footage and stuff (not consecutive, but you get the jist), it had better be worth the time and energy I'm putting into it. I hope I have the energy for that tomorrow.

Around 4 today, Myra, Chantal, Vanessa and Anna all came over to do some studying for their history final tomorrow. (Myra is the one that drew me this picture: (It's my christmas present). She took a picture of me last year with my arms wrapped around a palm tree, and then decided to draw it for art class. So yup, those are my arms! She is INSANELY talented... her work is comparable to Salvador Dalí. Artistic, poetic, photographically adept... she's FANTASTIC!) Chantal and Vanessa are girls in my sister's grade who are friends of mine as well, and Anna, as you know, is my sister's best friend. I'm making Anna this for Christmas:. I like the variegated colors, and I'm going to make an identical one in pastel colors for her sister, Gaby. Anna's mom came over today to show me beautiful little "poncho-lets" (like capelets, only they don't tie/buckle in the front) that she crocheted this week. She's even going to make me one for Christmas if I chrochet her some flowers and butterflies (I'm planning on using the pattern from the Winter Vogue Knitting and Stitch N' Bitch Nation). Then I'll show her how to make 'em, because she's not a knitter, but rather a crocheter. We may even make some of the Midnight Knitter's Crocheted Caps. In other projects, the Booga Bag is getting accomplished, although in the previous post I claimed I had barely knit a single row since the last picture. The colors are a bit richer and not quite as... neon in real life, but you get the picture (har har har). I actually knitted about 16 rows in the 4 hours that transpired between the arrival of the girls and their departure, but I will admit that it wasn't four hours of continual knitting. I baked brownies, helped feed the girls and had some internet fun with them too. The sock is getting progress, as can be seen here: Although I didn't knit too many rows on it, knitting it is insanely gratifying. It goes so quickly!

Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and Michael's to buy the yarn I needed to make Laura and Co. a bunch of Harry Potter scarves, but scarves that wouldn't be like Scotch-Brite scouring pads to their necks. So I settled on Caron's Simply Soft yarn, and with two skeins per scarf, I should have more than enough (hopefully). The colors are Dark Country Blue, Grey Heather, and Dark Sage. Here's a picture of my ever-increasing stash:
Before I only needed one of the Sterilite® Show-Off container things for my stash. Now TWO can't even hold it... however, much of that yarn will be gone in Christmas knitting, so I'll have to haul FO's around instead of skeins... and by the way, soft acryilic is nice and cheap, and won't make me feel like i'm giving someone a dish scrubber for christmas.

In other news, I continue to have a 4.0 GPA at the University of Texas at Austin. I calculated my grades night before last and discovered that in Geology I made a 92 overall. The division between A and B was somewhere in the mid-80's (they told us it would be curved) and it turns out I didn't even need the curve! I was a little disappointed in my score on the final exam (83.625/100) but my lab score apparently brought up the grade significantly. I'm very happy, and now all I have to do is wait for my Irish-American Literature professor to mail me back my final paper simply to confirm my A in the class. I'm very happy that I'm doing so well, and I hope next semester is just as easy, fun, and rewarding. Now, to bed!