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I feel like the Yarn Harlot

I have three knitting projects going on right now and more on the wait list to complete before Christmas. Plus, about an hour ago I stopped working on my mom's christmas gift: our baby videos put on DVD. I'd been working on them since about 10:30 this morning, so you do the math on the number of hours I spent. Hopefully, at about a tape a day, I can edit and muck around sufficiently to make it worthwile. However, the damn tapes suck away my memory like vampires on blood. It's scary. I had to free up about 40 gigs of space (from movies and pictures and stuff on the computer already) to make room for the videos, and I don't think I'm going to have space for all the videos. Oh well. For your time, here are the projects as they stand:

Booga Bag (you probably can't see any progress because there hasn't been much... a row or so.

Sock... much more progress... it looks nice and... sock-y already.

Anna's drop-stitch scarf: getting there, but it needs a few more hours invested in it.

What I need now is more time and less procrastination... like that's gonna happen!

*edit: because I felt like posting later today, I included the pictures I was going to include in this post on the later one. Plus, the later post is more activity-inclusive, so that's why I'm doing it.

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