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Apparently, Nights are for Knitting

My mom recently told me that what she wanted for Christmas was all of our home videos and baby pictures on DVD (The way I calculate it, it'll be more like 3 DVD's). So she's been getting a little peeved with me that I haven't started the transfer of data/movies/pictures etc. to my computer. We got the hardware last night, mind you. So her idea is that I do all the computer stuff during the day, and all the knitting I have to do at night. Yet she still wants me to wake up early to do her stuff, and the way I'm knitting, I need to stay up until doomsday to finish the knitting projects I have lined up. I also have encountered some problems:

I cast on the drop-stitch scarf for my sister's friend Anna on my size 10 needles... I need the size 10 needles for my sister's ribby scarf as well as Anna's sister Gaby's drop-stitch scarf

I have yet to figure out what to get Anna and Gaby's mom (she's like an aunt to me, and they're like extended sisters to me)

I want to finish the socks and then the Booga Bag, but I don't know what sort of time I have to do that before December 24

However, there are quite a few good things that will happen. On Thursday I get to hang out with Kevin (my best friend) after helping Mr. Matthews (my former religion teacher and a man who IS Santa Clause in kindness, love, and looks) with the Christmas party for his wife's students (she works with mentally challenged children). I am going to begin curling up with my Birthday copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy before Christmas Eve, when I will receive the boxed set of Extended DVD's. I have yarn and yarn and more yarn to make things, and so I am excited.

Pictures of the progress will go up soon, and I would like to know where I could find little percentage bars for the blog. Anyone know?