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WIP Extravaganza... And Pictures, Too!

So I'm home now, with lots and lots of yarn on my hands. I'm very happy to be home with my family and eating non-canned food. I have also learned a few new knitting techniques:
1. Ribbing (but you knew that already)
2. Knitting in the round on DPNs
3. Having more than one project going at the same time
4. Dealing with knitting stress prior to the holidays

Here are some pictures of projects, finished objects, and stash acquisitions.

Here is the Zeeby bag from hell (because of the trouble it gave me) before being sewn up. Remember that gusset? When taking this picture it was deceptively long enough. Then I realized I had to knit another 8 inches.

This, dear readers, is the Zeeby Bag in its final finished stage. It needs blocking, and I made the pocket on the outside instead of in. However, I am going to go on a blocking spree when the Booga Bag gets done, that way they can all dry as one big, happy baggy family.

The makings of a Booga Bag. Pretty, pretty colors... though the camera sucks them all away. I'm using color 147 of Noro Kureyon.

The Ribby scarf at my computer in Austin. I finished it on the drive down.

Ribby Scarf COMPLETE! And tied in a purdy little bow.

My acquisitions from Hill Country Weavers on Friday. I figure that I needed to stock up a wee bit more on yarn before I come down to yarn-drought land for a month. See? Pretty mohair, Lamb's Pride for a ribby scarf for my sister (she doesn't read this blog, so she won't know), and the Kureyon for a beanie for my brother. Hopefully he'll not be ridiculous and he'll actually wear it.

Captain, I believe we have the makings of a sock on our hands! Beware the Second Sock Syndrome! Alert! Alert!

Have a great holiday season!