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Back in the Saddle

I'm back in Austin for the start of my spring semester here at the University of Texas. Back to the land of Yarn Stores, crafty people, and a sense that knitting is something creative and fun as opposed to something only poor people do to further their income (like how it's seen in my hometown). And also back to the cold country (comparatively).

2005 is truly the year of the sock. What with Sockapalooza and other knitbloggers going wild with socks socks socks. I have joined the bandwagon. I am knitting my bona-fide first pair of socks. My yarn is Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes in color 6250 on US size 3 DPNs. They're going to be a wee bit wide and thick, but I don't mind, because heavy socks make me happy and I have large calves anyway. I may invest in some Koigu or Regia at my LYS soon, but I have promised myself and my mom that I won't purchase any more yarn until the stash I have has been considerably depleted. Considering that I've deconstructed a few sweaters over Christmas break, it would appear I have a few months ahead of me to reduce the stash. However, I really want to make that Coocoon and Glam shawl from Crystal Palace and a Clapotis. Yet I'm thinking I may use a mohair/cotton/wool blend from a sweater for the Clapotis and perhaps a pair of legwarmers for my sister. The color is a fabulous turqoise, and the deconstructed sweater was a wretched 80's style design (complete with shoulder pads) from L.L. Bean. Lovely yarn, though. I guess I'll make the legwarmers for my sister first, then try the Clapotis. Wait, perhaps 2005 is Annemarie's year of joining the knitting bandwagons! Perhaps I'll try my first sweater this year as well?

In other to-do projects, my sister asked me for a Poster Boy bag from Stitch N' Bitch nation. (It's one of the patterns provided by Debbie Stoller). Except she wants Orlando Bloom on it. I promised her I'd learn intarsia so I could make the bag for her for her birthday. Alrighty then.

Right now I'm off to see my academic advisor (if she's in, considering today is MLK day) to beg/plead/whine my way into an English class I need for my major (which, by the way, is English). I followed her instructions during registration in November, I got on the waitlist for the class, but I haven't made it in. So now I have to go and tell her to put me in it. Pressure? The class starts at 9:30 AM tomorrow, so if she's not in today, I'm gonna have to get myself up bright and early to bang on her door before class begins. Luckily, class and the advisor are in the same building, and not across campus.