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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


So the New Year's Resolution is broken, eh?

Yup. I have no discipline. *hangs head in shame* But I figure as I wait for a huge file to download (it says it has 11 minutes left, so I'm not going to hit the sack before it's done) I might as well blog. In news, my mommy came home from Spain on Thursday night... and she brought me the loveliest Spanish yarn. Not Katia (that's what I'll be searchin' for this summer in Madrid) but a brand of yarn called "Stop Lanas." Stop yarns... no! Actually, it has a little picture of a traffic light on it, so that's what's implied by the name. Two skeins of a bulky chunky purple/pink yarn called "New York" (do I sense a hat in there somewhere? or a Hello Kitty Something?) Two skeins of a blue tweed-ish yarn called "Country" and three softsoftsoft skeins of a non-angora (ah well) yet equally soft yellow green polyamide stuff which I forget the name of at the moment. Pictures to come, I promise.

In sewing news, my master instructor put together the skirt we were working on while I watched, and tomorrow (actually, today... it's that late, isn't it?) I get to piece together another one (which I cut out the patterns for tonight) under her supervision. I may be making skirts non stop out of that pattern! It's so dang easy once you know what to do.

Knit-wise, I ended the Booga Bag hiatus, and am now nearing the end of skein number 2. It says knit 64 rows, but I'm planning on just finishing the second skein and binding off with that, and then doing the i-cord out of the third skein, and letting it be as long as the skein allows because I don't want remnants. The reason I'm doing this is not laziness... it's just that at the very end of the Kureyon skein (Color #147, if you're wondering)is a bit of my favorite color: chartreuse. I can't very well relegate it to the mere beginning of an i-cord. Besides, I like my bags big.

I have plans to create this Bias Knit Cocoon & Glam Wrap when I've exhausted my current yarn resources (Actually, probably when I get to my LYS in Austin next week). I got the pattern for it in the Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar my sister got me for Christmas. I also want to create a Manos Del Uruguay ribbed scarf in a green colourway like I saw on a certain blog. Despite the fact the yarn's bloody expensive, I want to make one... the colors! The colors!

Tonight my mom and I had a discussion of needs vs. wants. Yarn is a want, and according to her I have way more than I need. So she said no more yarn purchases for awhile... (because I am still under their financial jurisdiction) but I figure if I use some of the cash I withdraw for lunch, socializing,movies, etc. and instead spend it on yarn, she'll never know... mwahaha! So I'm trying to figure out how much I need to save up for the Crystal Palace and the Manos yarn. So far those are the only projects that've caught my eye, but you never know what new projects that calendar may just throw my way!

Until I can aquire more of the delicious yarn I fantasize about: I will learn to knit socks and I will knit 4 Harry potter scarves for friends O_O (what have I brought upon myself?).