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Another One Bites The Dust

Well, Clapotis, version 1 is history. I screwed up royally on the fifth repeat of the straight section, and simply couldn't find a way to fix it. Another reason it hit the frog pond is that the mohair in the yarn made the dropping of stitches an absolute nightmare. I had to unpick each one. I'm sure if I hadn't screwed up, I would have continued until the end, or at the very least until a royal mistake happened further along. Now that i've perfected the techniques, I'm going to make myself an acrylic Clapper. I was going to make myself a triangular shawl reminiscent of my stripey shawl from before. However, I want to make a leftover yarn shawl using some of the leftovers I've acquired throughout my many projects. I guess the lovely turquoise that was once Clapotis will find a partial home there. Considering how there was an entire sweater's worth of it, it may very well become another large, pretty project of some sort. We'll see. I've just cast on for the Clapotis version 2.0 in Caron's simply soft. Black, classy, and sexy. All a Clapotis should be. Well, maybe not all Clappers should be black, but they should at least be classy and sexy. Ooh... I have a "lunch date" for tomorrow. :)