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Feed the Squirrels, Tuppence a bag!

On my way back home after class this afternoon, I passed over by Turtle Pond, and saw a couple of squirrels scavenging for some food. Being the freak of nature I am, I whipped out a bag of salted peanuts I carry around in my backpack expressly for that purpose (they're stale, which is why I don't eat them myself). So I fed the squirrels and relished in the glorious afternoon.

In knitting news, there is quite a bit to be said! First of all, I taught my friend Laura how to knit. She got very excited about the prospect of knitting some "naughty" apparel from Knitty's "Sex and the Knitty" issue. But as always, first things first. I tossed a ball of nice cream-colored merino her way (from a deconstructed sweater), gave her a few instructions in garter stitch, and off she went. She's got about three or four feet of the scarf done, and as she's progressed, the knitting has become much more even and with far fewer mistakes. *thinks hard about how to introduce stockinette stitch*

Secondly, I'm finished with Clapotis. It looks so elegant and gorgeous! The Caron's Simply Soft I used was so nice for the project. The dropped stitches were pretty easy to coax along, and it's so lovely to the touch! Since it's acrylic and I don't really have the means, I haven't blocked it yet. However, I may correct its shape when I get back to Brownsville. Pictures still to come, as daylight is gone, and taking pictures solo doesn't end up flattering me too well.

Third of all, I want to make the Dude's sweater from The Big Lebowski. If I can pattern it correctly, I may make adjustments for an original uber-huge one, and one that's a bit more form-blattering for females. But who knows. I have yet to make a sweater, much less design one!