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Nothing But a...... OH NO!

It is 2 AM and I am in the midst of packing my suitcase for Spain. I leave at 11 AM.

As I pack my yarn of choice for my long voyage, choosing my patterns and yarn to take with me, I noticed a very very sad problem: my Nothing but a T-shirt will not have enough yarn. I looked at the balls I had (mostly a kitchen-type cotton) and I realized that 3 of 4 were the same (had a cardboard center which the yarn was wound around, and one of them had a different twist and ply. Yes, it was white, but a totally different brand of cotton. And with three balls of kitchen cotton, I'm not going to waste my time, since I know I'll run out. However, I do have some lovely wool/angora/nylon from a deconstructed (rather enormous) sweater. That might make a lovely fall t-shirt! I'll just have to take it with me and find out, now, won't I?

I'm still debating which projects I'm going to take with me, too. I don't want to take too many pairs of needles, nor too much yarn, since I don't know how much time there'll be for me to work on my projects at the summer camp.

Sock Pal Socks? Check!
Hourglass Sweater? Check!
Poster Boy Bag? Check!
Ravenclaw Scarf? Check!
Space for more yarn? Check! Check!

When I get back:
Nothing but a T-shirt in soft, lovely cream-colored wool/angora
Vintage Velvet (from Scarf Style)
Backyard Leaves (from Scarf Style)
More scarves of some sort!

Now y'all have a great summer, now, y'hear?