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What's so Sock-tacular about that?

After the Blogger fiasco with my template, I managed to fix it up just the way I wanted it, *and* I saved the source code to my computer, so if another catastrophe/erasure happens, I don't have to spend three hours fiddling to fix it.

When I joined Sockapal-2-za, I believed cashmere socks from a recycled sweater would be the perfect thing for my sock pal. They'd be luxurious, warm, and fabulous. But they'd wear thin within a day of normal sock usage. And although bed socks are a lovely idea, I want something summery, wearable, and beautiful for my sock pal.
So on my trip to Michael's two days ago, I picked up some Paton's Grace in this gorgeous white, blue and purple colorway.

In the Knitalong, I decided jump in the "seasoned sock knitter's" group, since there are 3 socks in my knitting history, and, why not? It'll be a fun challenge! (By the way, those three socks include my first completed pair and the single stripey sock which had to be frogged because it was way too small.) So as I searched for the perfect pattern with just the right blend of simplicity, fun, and beauty, I discovered this little gem: Roman Rib Stitch Toe-Up Socks. This is fun and exiting for three reasons:
1. I've never knit toe-up socks, but I've found that the toe looks much neater and prettier than the top-down pattern I used on my previous pair, knit from the December 2004 Martha Stewart Living pattern.
2. I've never done Roman Rib. It's interesting, pretty, and the texture showcases the variegated yarn very very well.
3. The Paton's Grace feels fabulous with the pattern.

As promised, here are some close-up pictures of the cross-stitching my sister and I did over the weekend. The teapot is mine, the sun is hers.

(Click here for Close-up)
The lemon tree is the gift for my mommy. If you click the link, there's a nice close-up of hte detail on the stitching.

I think I may finish the Ravenclaw Scarf tonight, and put my NBaT-shirt on the needles again, and get crackin' on it!

Have a great Day!