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The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain!

Actually, it doesn't fall on the plain *we* live on, except in winter. In summer it's bloody hot! Well, my dad and I are off to Spain tomorrow morning, and I have a little knitting progress to show before I go, and hopefully a lot when I get back.

I knit the iPod sock for my sister's iPod, Bunny.
I need to knit one for myself, but I don't have enough Paton's Grace in that same color.
I have begun the Nothing but a T-shirt. I have completed the hem.
Hourglass sweater's yarn is coming with me on the trip so that I can finish it in Spain.
All Harry Potter scarves are on hold.
Sock pal sock #1 is halfway done!

Everyone have a safe summer! I'll post progress if I have internet access!