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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


Now Here's a Visual...

To complement the post from two days ago. (PICTURE HEAVY)

Exhibit A: "Hourglass Sweater" or "Miles and Miles of Faded Aqua Stockinette"

Body of Hourglass Sweater. I've actually finished sleeve #1 and joined it to the body, and sleeve #2 is in the works.

Exhibit B: "Stash Aquisition" or "Many a Euro Spent to the Glory of Yarn"

The rather rosy-pink yarn is for a sweater of some sort that I have yet to discover the pattern for. The beautiful blue hanks of alpaca have the same fate as the dusty pink wool. The balls of green are for a cardigan from Interweave Knits, and the blue balls (*snicker*) of Superwash Merino are for a Clapotis for my younger sister. Finally, the four balls of "Arctico" were a gift from my cousin. She said that they're the "in" yarn for this fall, and gave me enough to make a lush, long scarf, plus a pair of adequate needles!

Exhibit C: "Burberry on a Budget" or "Creative and Cheap ways to get Designer Accessories"

I got these balls of Valeria di Roma's "Prisma" and Oso Negro's "New Merino" in order to replicate the Burberry purse on the right. Except that it will be a scarf. Besides, I'm too cheap to fork over the dough for a *real* Burberry scarf... though not if it was on sale!

Exhibit D: "Sockapal-2-za sock" or "Another Prince for the Frog Pond"

Virtually no progress was made to my sock over the summer. The instructions for the increases for the gusset and instep and heel were opaque to me, and plus, I found a better pattern. I think I can finish this by September 15!

More projects coming up, and with the beginning of school in a few weeks, I hope I can knit the time away sufficiently to be psychologically ready for classes and other activities the school year brings.

Have a great day!