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Busy Days

Today was an amazingly busy day (for me) in the pre-college calm before the storm. I went with my dad to the University of Texas Brownsville campus to check out the new buildings they've just finished for the Education and Business Schools. Since my dad's a professor there, I also got to check out his new office, since Liberal Arts had to share a building with the Business school, and now that they're gone, he gets a pretty new office with a window. (Nevermind that it's not any bigger than his old office and he outranks everyone in the department, but, *ahem*)

Afterwards, I shopped around downtown Brownsville, picked up three pretty silk scarves and a handkerchief for a dollar. I also got some blank T-shirts for the same price I could've gotten about 5 at Wal-Mart. I'm planning to embroider them by hand with some Harry Potter-themed words. I have a navy-blue shirt I want to embroider with the word "Ravenclaw" and the Ravenclaw crest. I then have a white shirt which I want to say "Gryffindors for Potter - Triwizard Champion" with a little Goblet of fire on the sleeve, as well as house-colored stripes along the sleeves and neckline. If all turns out well, I may make more.

Speaking of Harry Potter, alison posted MA's Weasley Sweater Pattern. It looks so cool! However, since I'm *really* worried about having enough yarn for this project, I've decided to test it out with the "He'll-wear-it-everyday" pattern from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits. It's a man's sweater, but hopefully it'll turn out alright. I don't know if I'll alter it to make the roll bottom work a little better. I swatched already, and the knit is loose enough so the fabric isn't super stiff and scratchy. The yarn, however, is itchy itchy wool. If this version of the sweater fails, (if I run out of yarn, for example) I'll just break down and buy some Wool-Ease and follow MA's pattern. One thing that's for certain: I'm putting the golden Snitch on the sweater instead of my initial. Although Gred and Forge *ahem* Fred and George are my favorite characters, an F&G design might confuse too many people. Plus, the Snitch is too cool!

I'll see if I can manage a finished object sometime soon!