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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


Marathoning through the WIP pile

I finally bit the bullet and fixed the sleeves. I measured, I counted, and now I can actually say they're the same length. Or at least the same number of rows. When I knit my garter-stitch shawl last year, that ended up being quite a few stitches to bind off. With this pattern at least, the stitches become fewer as you go round, and all I'll have to do is bind off, hem, block and wear!

The easy-peasy garter stitch scarf is coming along quite nicely, since I got a good chunk of knitting time while watching "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" on Sunday. That's ball number 2, with 2 to go before the bind-off. It's deliciously soft, and
the colors are yummy and cheery. The movie wasn't quite as good as knitting the scarf was, since my scarf doesn't curse up a storm, use offensive terms towards women, or completely overdo sexual jokes, innuendos and commentary.

Here's my progress thus far on the Wyvern sock. I have to re-frog the heel again, and I think I'll make it less "deep" by making fewer short rows. This will eliminate the need to cut into a pattern repeat, and still make the sock fit. My sock pal doesn't want it tight, and my aim at the moment is to make it fit, all the while making it comfortable.

In addition, the gloriously soft mercerized crochet cotton is for a lacy scarf for my grandma for Christmas and for a pair of Wyverns for me. The purple is for her, since that's her favorite color, and the green for me, since that's mine. If the lace fails, I may make her a pair of Wyverns as well, since grandmas deserve to be pampered and knit for by their grandchildren!

Have a great Evening everyone!