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Third Time's The Charm!

Well, day number 2 of classes is over. This semester is going to be quite a bit of work, with five humanities classes. (Read: booksbooksbooks) However, I think it's going to be quite fun. I'm taking a philosophy class which is an introduction to logic and arguments and how English sentences are arranged logically (how appropriate for an English major). I'm also taking two history classes: one, your standard United States History from 1492-1865, and then History of the Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century. Then, I'm taking the Selected Plays of Shakespeare, and a course on Hans Christian Andersen. All of them are interesting, the professors know what they're doing (apparently), and aside from the loads and loads of reading, it should be fun.

In knitting, however, the third time's the charm. I finally got my Wyvern Sock heel to look right. I had to reduce the number of short rows, but in the end, I think it'll fit my sock pal well. (After having ripped out and knit the heel twice!) Now, for the leg and cuff, and on to sock number 2 before September 15! Pictures tomorrow!