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Just a Typical Situation in These Typical Times...

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Despite mega-tons of reading and a little confusion with one of my classes, I had a nice, relaxing weekend. I watched some movies and got my homework done. I also began working on sock number 2. I've already turned the heel! I'm thinking a few minutes between classes here and there should finish them up by this weekend.

One thing I *really* want to make is a Minisweater. I am not sure of the yarn yet, but I may go all out and order loads of yarn from Knitpicks. I want some Andean Silk to make the Modeknit Corset, and some sock yarn for my sister's birthday present. Looks like she wants Wyvern socks too! I was going to make "Poster Boy" from SNB Nation, but I bought Bulky Lamb's pride rather than worsted. That won't go too far. Perhaps I'll use that yarn for the Minisweater, but I think the color combination is too "Hot Topic" for me. However, If I get some pink or white, the contrast might not be so bad. Now my sister wants a pair of Wyvern's in blue, and some of that Knitpicks sock yarn looks perfect for the part. Oh, and that Almost Argyle Pattern too! Last but not least, I'm going to order some Knitpicks Merino to make myself a Ravenclaw Prisoner of Azkaban scarf. Not that I need any more stash enhancement after all the yarn I bought this summer, but I didn't bring most of that yarn with me anyway, since it takes up space, and dormitories don't exactly have loads of that.

Anyway, I must be off, since I have an essay to write, "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen to read, plus other classical myth/history. Add to that that I need to pick up some magazines from another Freerecycler, and I'm one busy bee!