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Sockpal Socks are Finished!

Finally, after much toil and strife (well, not really), my Sock Pal socks are complete. I love them. I sincerely hope my sock pal does too!

(Click Here for a Close-up of Texture)

Project Specs:

Pattern: Marnie MacLean's Wyvern Woman's Sock Pattern
Yarn: Paton's "Grace" (100% Mercerized Cotton) in variegated purple, lilac, white and blue (Color 60903), Lot 207.
Needles: US 2/ 2.75 mm Double Pointed Needles
US 3/ 3.25 mm Double Pointed Needles
Amount: Approximately 2 1/4 balls used, 3 purchased total
Notes: I made the large size, casting on 68 stitches. I slightly modified the heel to make a shallower, and thus (in my opinion) better fitting sock. Instead of making 11 short rows for the heel, I did 9. This then gave a proper foot length, whereas the 11-row heel made it *waay* too long. Another alteration was only doing 4 pattern repeats after the heel, then switching to size 3 DPNS for the ribbing.
I will definitely repeat this pattern. It was fun, relatively easy, and I love the result.