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Dragon Scale Armwarmers

Well, yesterday's post is about to be revealed:

After seeing my Wyvern Socks, my dear friend Laura suggested that I make some arm warmers with the Dragon Scale pattern. "Those'd be some wicked gauntlets," she said. I figured it would be quite simple: a tube with a thumbhole, patterned with ribbing and the dragon scales. Her requirements were that it be quite lengthy (elbow length or longer). So I set to work on a pattern. I decided to add a little bit of shaping around the wrist, since, more often than not, the part of the forearm closest to the elbow is a bit wider than the palm of one's hand. Instead of working a buttonhole for the thumb, I decided to merely work the tube straight rather than in the round for one repeat, then close it again. Ribbing at the top and bottom add snugness.

The reason I haven't posted a pattern yet is because *ahem* I've only finished one gauntlet. I want to do a lovely little photo shoot with both of them, but as you see there, that is number 1.

Many thanks to Marnie MacLean for providing the original pattern from which I derived this one. She's great, friendly, and wonderful for allowing me make my own variation on a gorgeous design.

Happy Knitting!

Soon to come: a .PDF file of the pattern!