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Blue yarn, blue Clapotis, nothing but blue yarn, do I see

I really must stop with the song references, for the sake of your sanity, dear readers, but I am quite amused with the punning. Makes me happy.

(Look Ma! Dropped Stitches!)

And the reference to my current project isn't a bad thing. I love making Clapotis. I've finally got the pattern down pat, with only a glance down every so often. I'm just about halfway through the straight section, and if I keep at this rate, I might just have it finished for my trip home next weekend. Only thing I'm worried about: I've heard horror stories about blocking superwash merino. Read: Yarn Harlot's new book has a chapter all about it. Any suggestions for what I should do just in case my knitting expands to epic proportions? Or perhaps, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Once Clapotis is finished, though, I really must get into hardcore Harry Potter knitting. November 18 is fast approaching, and I don't need to reach extreme levels of stress... that's what Christmas is for ;)