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I have just received word that my sock pal socks have arrived.... at my house in Brownsville! I will be meeting my socks next weekend during my visit home, and will post pictures as soon as I possibly can afterwards. I am itching to see them and officially thank my sweet, lovely, and patient sock pal.

I greatly rue the day I decided to be so picky about my preferences. I think I put her under a lot more stress than anyone deserves! Especially over a pair of socks. I feel terrible and immature for being so particular and everything. It was quite sobering to read her blog and realize just how hard it must have been for her to stick with this exchange. This was supposed to be a fun exchange, not a stressful one. I think I've grown up a little, and in that vein, I know I should suck it up and say sorry. I apologize to my sock pal, and wish to say, "Thank you for your patience!" It is appreciated more than words can express.