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As promised...

This post contains many needed pictures! I was able to pull a small photo shoot this morning, as some lovely natural light made it through my window.

To start us off, Sock Pal Socks!

They're so lovely! My Sock Pal did an amazing job. She's wonderful and sweet and knit the most perfect socks on the planet! Whee! I'm taking them out to show them off today. I don't care if you're not supposed to wear socks with a skirt... these are too awesome to keep 'em hidden under jeans.

They're super-soft, and the fit is absolutely perfect. They're also the perfect height, since I love calf-high socks. These socks have also convinced me to invest in "Knitting on the Road" by Nancy Bush. So many knitters knitting so many absolutely delightful socks, I can't say no! ;-)

Next, my Glampyre Minisweater:

Sorry for the blurry photo, it was pretty much the only one I could get with good light. I may have to get my roommate to photograph me, rather than the self-portrait mirror shot.

I used Cascade 220 held together with Misti Alpaca laceweight in a light pink on size 9 circulars. The fabric produced is so yummy and soft, and feels delicious on my skin. I did a few more pattern repeats and modified the sleeves a little--puffy sleeves didn't appeal to me. As you can tell from the picture, I still have an end or two to weave in, tee hee! I'll get to it. *yeah, right*
Last but not least, I present my work in progress, Weasley:
It's not much, just the back of the sweater. I have about ten inches to go, but I'm hoping to at least get that piece done this weekend watching lots of bad movies with my friends. And perhaps at the UT vs. Colorado football game this weekend! Hooray for student tickets!

I know the fabric might be a little looser than would be best with the yarn, but since the yarn is so very scratchy, I prefer it like this. I'm also fuddling my logic, but I believe that by using bigger needles, I'll be using less yarn, and therefore can actually pull a sweater out of another one. (It's yarn from a ripped sweater).

Sorry for the rushed post. I have class in 15 minutes, so my writing isn't what it could be. I just felt so inspired to share the lovely knitwear in my life. Have a great day everyone!