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On Tea and its Miraculous Healing Properties

Or perhaps the miraculous ability to keep one awake and sane.

Wow. Almost a week since I posted last... I haven't done that in awhile. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am seriously overwhelmed. And it doesn't look like the pressure is going to let up for a few weeks, even. The past three weekends I've gotten behind on my readings (Saturday and Sunday usually are spent in the loving arms of the library), and haven't caught up. Normally, I would just be lazy and forget them and forge ahead, but what with text identifications coming up in a midterm next week, I can't really pull it off.

But I have discovered my new favorite tea. Two weeks ago, my dad came up to Austin for some meetings. (Yes, I took him to the LYS, he was amazed at the fiber Mecca, and he bought me yarn). We went to P.F. Chang's one night and had the most amazing ginger peach oolong tea that I've ever tasted. I asked the waiter where I could get some, and he told me Revolution Tea was their supplier. So. Tasty. And the food was great too! I know some people have their issues with P.F. Chang's not being "true chinese" and blah blah blah, but come on, they call themselves a "China Bistro." They virtually shout out that they're whitewashed Chinese food. But they're tasty, so I love 'em.
But back to tea. I went to Central Market with my friend Jan on Saturday, and found Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach. I've found it to be as good as the Revolution Tea one, and plus, it's probably my favorite tea vendor. I also like how they support both breast and prostate cancer research. Having known victims of both types, I think it's important that both types of cancer get funding, since they're gender-specific diseases. Just as it's important for a cure to be found for breast cancer that affects women, I think equal funding and press should go to finding a cure for prostate cancer, since, after all, half the world does consist of men.

And with regard to knitting, I just got a set of needles I won off e-bay! There was a little misunderstanding about them (I thought they were bamboo, but they turned out to be a mix of aluminum and plastic), but the seller is being really great and sending me the set of bamboo. Now to wait for my set of vintage needles to come from Australia, and I should have a complete set of straights! (Now to work on the DPN and Circular needle collection)

But before I peruse the infinite "shelves" of e-bay, I definitely need to read the Odyssey.